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‘Spike Chunsoft’ Creators of Jump Force Say That More One Piece Characters Will Be Playable

Jump Force Roster – Confirmed Characters

The legendary Shonen Jump turns 50 this year, and they’re doing some seriously special things to celebrate. As well as their super cool clothing collaboration with Uniqlo, the world’s best-selling manga magazine is producing an all-star fighting game featuring some of its greatest ever characters. Here’s everything we know about the Jump Force roster, including every confirmed character so far.

In Jump Force, you pick a team of three characters from Shonen Jump history and square off against another squad of three.

Jump Force is a 3D fighting video game developed by Spike Chunsoft / Microsoft and published by Bandai Namco. Developers from Spike Chunsoft have recently been bombarded with questions about the game. One Piece fans will be delighted to know that one of the developers confirmed that “Sanji From The One Piece Straw Hat Pirates will be playable in the game as well as Sabo and Blackbeard. We will also be including more characters over time but these are the ones we are working on at the moment”. You can only select 3 members in your team and each member in the game will be created as strong as the other. Only you’re skills and abilities in game will determine who actually wins the fights.

One Piece Confirmed Characters In Jump Force






Jump Force Roster – Confirmed Characters:

Naruto Uzumaki

A worldwide manga superstar, Naruto was always going to one of the headline inclusions in the Jump Force roster. In the E3 trailer we saw an adult Naruto using Sage and Kyubi powers, so it looks like we’re talking Shippuden era. There’s no word on whether there’ll be different versions of characters, but in the Jump pantheon young Naruto is iconic enough to make some kind of appearance, surely?


It just wouldn’t be a Jump game without Goku, right? The lovable spikey-headed Saiyan featured heavily in the game’s E3 trailer and is sure to take a lead role in Jump Force despite the recent release of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Monkey D. Luffy

The wannabe King of the Pirates, Luffy from One Piece, is another cornerstone of the Shonen Jump roster. It’ll be interesting to see how his stretchy Devil Fruit powers are balanced in Jump Force so his reach isn’t overpowered, but his move-set still feels true to his character.


To go with the glut of good guys, Frieza is one of Shonen Jump history’s most recognisable villains. In the E3 trailer and demo we saw his final form, so that’s how he’ll probably fight the whole time.


Naruto’s one-time friend and nemesis joins the fray. He doesn’t show up in the E3 trailer, but is available to play with in the show floor demo that we saw just after. As with Naruto, only the Shippuden version of Sasuke has been confirmed.


Straw Hat Pirates stalwart Roronoa Zoro also makes an appearance as a playable character in the E3 show floor demo of Jump Force. His sword-based style of fighting should make him a fun departure from the rest of the roster.

Are you excited to have more One Piece Characters in Jump Force? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Instagram @Snaptoy to talk all things Comics, Manga, and Anime!

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