Read The Comic of When The Blob Eats The Wasp And Is Then Eaten By Ant-Man

Early on, Marvel’s Ultimate Universe offered fans a modern and fresh take on The Avengers (now called The Ultimates), Spider-Man, the X-Men, and more. As time went on however, interest started to fade, and Ultimatum was the first in a series of world changing events which the publisher released in a bid to freshen things up and bring back comic book readers to this alternate universe.

It was packed full of laughably bad moments, with a number of fan-favourite character drowning off panel when a tsunami hits New York, Wolverine being blown apart by Magneto, and Cyclops being shot in the head.

However, one of the worst by far was a scene which featured The Blob eating The Wasp, a character who had been wonderfully developed in the past by Mark Millar and who was one of the few mixed race superheroes.

“Ultimatum,” written by Jeph Loeb and penciled by David Finch, was not one of Marvel’s best crossover events. The five-issue series explored the fallout from Magneto’s attempt to destroy the planet following the deaths of his children, but it was not well-received by fans. The comics have some of the nastiest deaths in all of Marvel. Blob has never been the most pleasant of Marvel’s mutants, but he was usually depicted as a giant jerk for the most part. In “Ultimatum,” they took him a few steps further.

Comic books have enamored all their fans and kept them glued to the books for a very long time. We have all seen many super epic and unforgettable moments and story plots while spending many years reading these comics. Well, amidst all this, we also saw a few crazy and bizarre moments, and this had left many fans in shock. These plots were not well-received at all, and it even led to a drop in sales and had fizzled out a few franchises.

The 5-issue run of 2009’s Ultimatum had ripped off Marvel’s 10-year-old Ultimates universe. The cities had been leveled, all the fans’ favorite characters had been killed off, and the heroes were murdered in brutal ways. The worst was the death of the Wasp.

After drowning in a tsunami which had devastated New York City, the Wasp was dead and lay among the ruins when Blob stumbles upon her body. Blob is well-known for the superpower of being, well, fat. In Ultimates universe he is fatter, and this means that he is much more evil.

This is where it gets weird and creepy. The Blob then starts eating Wasp’s remains.

This is violent and was the time it was not done for ‘plot development.’ This moment was included for to show a fat mutant eat a dead hero. Blob then gave her husband, Hank Pym, a good reason to flip out as Giant Man and then bite Blob’s head off. The Ultimatum was criticized as the lowest point in comic book history.

This alternate version of the Blob is much more dangerous than his Earth-616 counterpart. He is often shown eating an excessive amount of food as well as other normally inedible objects. He even threatened cannibalism against his enemies, which may have seemed like an idle threat, until he was found snacking on the Wasp. Tony Stark arrived at the Triskelion to look for her but found only the Blob dining on her corpse. The shocking scene is a bit too much for most of the mighty Avengers to handle, which is why her ex-husband, Hank Pym’s reaction isn’t too surprising. You see…


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