One Piece: Luffy Finally Arrives At Wano

One Piece Chapter 910 came out yesterday, and I think this week’s chapter was the most ‘normal’ one we’ve had in a while now. Ever since Whole Cake Island ended, Oda has been delivering incredible twists. Thankfully, fans were treated to an average chapter, which is pretty much the basis for every One Piece arc concerning development.

Monkey D. Luffy In Wano Country

Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates were moving closer to Wano, but they didn’t know how to enter. Kinemon spoke about the entry to Wano being difficult, but in the end, the Strawhats figured it out with unconventional methods. While this chapter didn’t throw in an intense plot twist, we got to see incredible art from Oda once again. The fact that the chapter had three double spreads is incredible in itself.

One Piece Wano

You can see that this man wants to draw Wano in its full glory. By the end of the chapter, the Strawhats got separated once again. As they reached Wano, a giant Whirlpool separated Luffy from the rest of the crew. Luffy is with the Sunny right now, but we don’t know where the rest of the Strawhats are. It’s possible that the others are all together, but them being separated is also possible. Knowing how Oda likes to explore arcs, in the beginning, I think they’ll all be separated.

We’ll get to see different parts of Wano through them, which makes the most sense to me. In the mix, if Oda manages to throw one or two interesting fights, I think the beginning of Wano Country arc will be the best we’ve got in years. One Piece is also nearing its 21st Anniversary.

One Piece 911

For that, Oda has a special message for all the fans. Not only that, but it seems Sanji’s character will be in some trouble in the upcoming chapters. We don’t even know where Sanji is right now. I feel like he’ll be in some trouble which he will have to fight out of, and we haven’t seen Sanji fight since the time-skip, and I think this may be the right time for the battle to begin.

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