Kishimoto Reveals When & Why Sasuke Gets Sakura Pregnant

Sakura Pregnant

We all know Sasuke and Sakura had a daughter and we know Sasuke left the village after Shippuden to repent for his sins committed before the war. He was also travelling the world because something was bothering him, however when exactly did Sasuke get Sakura pregnant?

In a recently interview with Kishimoto, he was asked to outline the time frames of when and why Sakura and Sasuke got together and ended up with Sarada.

To begin with, it is correct that Sasuke left the village after Naruto Shippuden was over. The next time we saw him was in THE LAST – Naruto the Movie, to destroy a meteor crashing down into Konoha and destroying it while also returning Hiashi Hyuga.

After that we saw him in his own segment side story – Sasuke Shinden, which was him traveling around the world and not taking place in Konoha at all.

Now as for Sasuke’s visits to Konoha, here is where he returned to impregnate Sakura. The Boruto Manga / Anime reveals that Sasuke did in fact eventually return to the village. However it wasn’t until he became much much older. In the Boruto series him and Naruto are either age 31 or 32 as stated by the datebook and the timeline of how old Boruto is (12) and the fact that at the end of Shippuden Naruto became 17, and in THE LAST (which took place 2 years after the War) they were 19. So Sasuke did in fact return before the events of Boruto Naruto the Movie timeline events.

Sasuke returned and ordered Naruto to hold a Gokage meeting or in other words, a Five Kage Summit in Konoha. This meeting was actually drawn and depicted in Naruto Gaiden. The meeting had all the Kage, Sasuke, and Sakura present. Sasuke held the meeting to discuss that he has been wandering the wolf because he believes there is a threat larger than Kaguya. He ordered and negotiated that this be kept a secret between everyone in the room so that word wouldn’t get out and people wouldn’t start to freak out.

Fans thought that Sakura in this chapter could be pregnant, which means sometime before this meeting, Sasuke had come back to Konoha to get her pregnant but he did not marry her just yet because she doesn’t wear the Uchiha Crest yet.

Kishimoto Reveals When & Why Sasuke Gets Sakura Pregnant

Kishimoto revealed in the interview that “while Sasuke was travelling, Sakura kept chasing after him and pestering him until he agreed to be with her. It wasn’t in his intentions but it’s an example that persistence is key”. He also said that they travelled together for several years which is when she ended up getting pregnant and they ended up getting married before they both returned to Konoha.

Kishimoto also added some of these facts in the Manga when Karin revealed that Sadara happened in one of her hideouts.

It’s cute that Sakura was persistent in making their family happen but if you’ve been up to date with the Boruto Manga / Anime series, you will know that Sasuke doesn’t have the husband characteristics that she would have liked. It just shows that you can’t force someone to fall in love with you and live happily ever after.

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