Fan Pick Their Favourite Asian Mixes On Instagram (Eurasians)

Eurasian are the offspring of a caucasian parent and an asian parent. Eurasian’s tend to carry physical traits of both their ethnic backgrounds, like olive skin with asian eyes, but with chestnut hair and green irises. Here is our part 3 collection of the most beautiful eurasian’s with an asian mix found on instagram.

Megan – @megaanbaxter – Japanese & Canadian

Leah – @imleahperkins – Malaysian-Chinese & Aussie

Sarah – @sarahmalou – Filipina & Aussie

Cindy – @wolfiecindy – Spanish & Indonesian

Sofia – @sofjin_ – Korean & British

Talia – @taliaawoods – Cambodian & Maltese

Mimi – @mimiperkins – Malaysian-Chinese & Aussie

Christina – @christinanadin – Irish & Filipina

Vanessa – @johanssonvanessa – Swedish & Thai

Anelia – @aneliamoor – Asian & Russian

Christen – @christenharper – Japanese, Polish, Irish, English

Eurasians are rich heirs to a hybrid of traditions and customs from both the East and West. Most are of the Christian faith, with religious celebrations being an integral part of our lifestyle. Having passed several generations, with interesting family trees, we are mostly Asians yet with shades of European ancestry, heritage and upbringing, hence the term, “Eurasian”. Some may recognisably look more Asian, but our foremost link to our European ancestry is our family surnames.

Stay tunned for daily pictures of these gorgeous mixes at Konichiwa Magazine.

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